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Daniel Gomes - I will buy

"In addition to business partners, I gained new friends, and as a bonus, we are running with an operation working in a fully satisfactory manner and performing almost 4x what we achieved with previous integration attempts. I highly recommend the service, as it is personalized, exclusive to each type of operation, it has an absolutely differentiated support and in real time. Everything a seller needs to have peace of mind to carry out their sales. Highly recommended! Excellent!"


Rodrigo - 4X4 range

"I needed the service of GRP to solve the problem of integration between our ERP (Àbacos KPL) and the Ecommerce Platform (Magento), we were having a lot of slowness, the integration that we used previously was basically impossible to use, very slow , it crashed all the time, many errors. We looked for GRP and they completely solved the problem with the integration, it was very fast and fully functional, not to mention that the amounts charged were well below the market standard, I recommend it to everyone!"

Kenya - Audio Discovery

"We only have praise! Excellent company, impeccable quality in the service, in the service provided, in the response time... For all our problems related to the system, they solve, develop, create perfect tools for the operation of the company! I recommend it 100%!! We are currently implementing the B2W tool, which speeds up the time for returning information to the B2W base, thereby increasing our sales in the first month! Once again, I recommend it to everyone!!!"


Ana Claudia - Thipos

"The company is  congratulations, the wonderful service and attention they gave us was exceptional. I am immensely grateful to the team, especially Irupê, who had the exclusive attention to company."

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