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Holder Consulting Backoffice Market

Holder Consulting was developed to serve companies that use or intend to use the systemKPL Enterprisein order to assist in the maximum use of the system, which is often underused due to lack of knowledge.

In this way, we have assembled a specialized team to better serve users who seek to maximize their performance.  and improve your operation with theKPL Enterprise, assisting with integrations, operational questions, custom configurations, etc.

Terms of use

1. The Holder Consulting contract is charged for hours worked as requested by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

2. The minimum contracted amount is 4 non-cumulative monthly hours*.

3. CONTRACTING customers will have access to a request spreadsheet on Google Drive to follow up requests.

4. Requests will have a minimum time of 15 minutes each.

5. The CONTRACTOR will record the actual time spent on each request in the worksheet and the CONTRACTING PARTY will have access to the worksheet for consultation and validation of the information.

6. *Unused hours will be applied for a 50% discount on the total amount of unused hours in the month following each contracted quarter.

7. Excess hours will be charged on top of the hourly rate at the end of each month.

See our prices and conditions.

We are here to help you. Contact us!

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